Tommy Dreamer saves Mickie James from Bully Ray table powerbomb


E-C-Dub! E-C-Dub!

Who would have thought that Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray would be embroiled in a heated feud in the year 2023? Not to mention that Mickie James is thick in the middle of it. It is a wild time in the Impact Zone.

The latest chapter of this story played out Thursday night on Impact Wrestling. Bully demanded a platform to address the world, much like James was granted two weeks ago. Prior to entering the ring, Bully ripped a young lad’s sign and left him hanging on a high five. Bully also bullied a little girl with a staredown until she hid behind her parents.

Bully aired his grievances about not being liked. He verbally ran down Dreamer as a liar and a snake. Bully claimed that Dreamer is the biggest phony in the business. Much like Bully did two weeks ago, James entered on stage to interrupt Bully with some Hardcore Country.

James was not taking any of Bully’s shit. She ordered him to get the hell out of Impact. Bully threatened to smack the stupid smirk off her face. He could take the high road, but, instead, he took the low road by calling James a tramp. Slap!

James slapped Bully, who responded with a body slam. John Skyler and Jason Hotch entered the scene to get the tables. As Bully lifted James up for a powerbomb, Dreamer ran in with a kendo stick. The bad guys scattered to safety.

Sooner or later, Dreamer will settle beef with Bully. Until that time comes, Dreamer proposed a tag team match against Skyler & Hotch. Dreamer is hardcore, and James is country. Hardcore Country against the Good Hands.

Bully’s goons backed away until Santino Marella used his power to book the match official for next week. If there is any monkey business from Bully, then Santino will lay down the hammer of his authority.

Impact doesn’t shy away from intergender action, so James will get her hands dirty in the match.

If, like me, you wondered if this James versus Bully argument could be a vehicle to bring in Nick Aldis (James’ husband), well, it appears that the National Treasure will be busy with bookings this month. Impact’s No Surrender special event is February 24, and Aldis is scheduled for Australia on that same date.

Are you enjoying the story of this feud thus far?

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