Pro Wrestler Reacts to Dana White’s Comment “Wrestling is Fake”


As noted, UFC President Dana White had an exchange with a WWE fan on Twitter earlier today and called pro wrestling fake, defending the UFC pay-per-view prices vs. WWE’s $9.99 price tag. As you can imagine, this led to a lot of backlash from wrestling fans, and wrestlers including Austin Aries who posted photos of his “fake” injuries. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins even chimed in. TNA’s Jeremy Borash also commented, saying he was canceling his UFC 190 pay-per-view purchase for tonight and instead sending the money to Nik Bali, a UK wrestler who was paralyzed. White responded and called Borash a goofball.

Below is the exchange between Borash and White. Also posted is a comment from MVP, who posted a photo of Japanese wrestler and MMA fighter Minoru Suzuki, some other comments from White to wrestling fans and some great replies from other wrestlers:


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