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TNA Making Major Changes to Wrestler Contracts


– A good number of TNA talents have been informed over the past week that their current TNA contracts will be dropped by the company. The contracts include a monthly guarantee on pay but TNA is offering to replace them with per-appearance deals.

TNA previously paid talents a guaranteed monthly fee and then paid them per appearance. In some cases, TNA will now pay talents a little more per appearance than they were already making, with the idea that it will make up for the loss of the guaranteed pay. If TNA starts booking more dates, the talents could potentially make even more money.

There are many TNA talents who are not happy with the change, according to PWInsider. It’s possible that some of the wrestlers may turn the new deals down and wrap up their runs with the company. TNA still may keep some top talents like Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy under guaranteed deals but most of the company will be working under per appearance deals going forward.

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