TNA is filing a Broken Hardys lawsuit


Broken Hardys decided to leave TNA, it looked to be amicable. Matt Hardy even posted a cordial message wishing the company well. The belief was that the two sides were parting because financial terms could not be reached. However, Reby Sky decided to reveal her version of the truth. She was less cordial than her husband. She was upset because she felt that Impact Wrestling disrespected Hardy. Now, she is revealing to the world that there is a lawsuit against the Broken Hardys. Things are about to get ugly.

Reby Sky upset with TNA

Through Twitter, Reby Sky is attempting to drum up support. She is waging a war against TNA. She wants people to know that the company is spending valuable resources in a legal battle against the Broken Hardys. Reby feels that the money would be better spent on paying the performers. Ed Norholm is the president of Impact Wrestling. He attempted to bid farewell to Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy. Reby is telling fans not to buy into that. She stated that TNA filed a lawsuit shortly after that particular message was sent out.

Reby Sky backstage heat with Jeff Jarrett

When Matt Hardy said goodbye to TNA, he attempted to leave the door open. He did not blame anyone in particular for his departure. Reby Sky took a different approach. She specifically called out the new management team on Impact Wrestling. They are led by Jeff Jarrett. She blames him for the failure to negotiate a new contract. Reby specifically called out Jarrett through Twitter. She feels that TNA should have finalized the contract well before it was close to the expiration date. Hardy recently joined ROH while continuing to negotiate with WWE.

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