Thunderbolt, a big lie is denounced on Benzema


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Largely absent from the World Cup in Qatar with the France team since his physical condition probably did not allow him to be able to line him up at the start of the competition, Karim Benzema therefore left the Blues a few days before the start of the competition. And despite all the revelations about a supposed discomfort with his teammates, Olivier Giroud denies it and denounces fake news around Benzema.

It balances on the fixed price of Karim Benzema to the World Cup to Qatar ! In recent days, on RMC Sport, Daniel Riolo evoked a discomfort between the striker of the real Madrid and some locker room executives of theFrench team : “ Benzema was a problem. First because Didier Deschamps knew that Pogba does not like him. Pogba and Benzema don’t fit. And Griezmann too. He’s not crazy about Benzema, but the big problem was with Pogba », let go Riolo.

“It’s totally false”

But in an interview with Canal Football Club on Sunday, Olivier Giroud denied outright these speculations about Karim Benzema and asserts forcefully that there was no unease among the Blues : “ What happens in the France group when we learn of the departure of Karim Benzema? It was a big blow for us. But that didn’t affect the group’s confidence and good mood. The group lived very well when Karim was there and lived just as well when he left. I heard some things about there being some who were happy to see him go, that’s totally untrue “, noted Giroud.

“Always the same ones who try to look for problems”

The goal scorerFrench teamannoyed by these rumours, even specifies having kept in touch with Benzema following his sudden departure from Qatar : “ I wrote him a message as soon as he left since we couldn’t say goodbye to him. It was sincere and spontaneous. I told him that we were disappointed to see him go, that I was disappointed to see him go. After in football, sometimes injuries benefit some. It benefited me, but I was never seen to declare anything or say that I was relieved or happy to see him go. It’s always the same people who try to look for problems in this team, when there are none. “. It remains to disentangle the true from the false in this whole soap opera.

Thunderbolt, a big lie is denounced on Benzema 24hfootnews.

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