three nuggets sold this summer?


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Winning at Real Madrid is not an easy thing, and young people from the academy have to fight more than anywhere else to find playing time. And if the Merengue academy is efficient, the performances habitual holders sometimes prevent youth from developing properly. So as not to waste talent, the White House had the idea of ​​selling young Fran Garcia to Rayo Vallecano while retaining 50% of his rights, and after passing a milestone in the capital’s suburbs, he was bought by his training stable.

Real Madrid could sell 3 youngsters

And according to the information of the media Report, the team management could carry out similar operations with three great hopes of the academy: Carlos Dotor, the 22-year-old midfielder, Sergio Arribas the 21-year-old winger, as well as Rafa Marín, the 19-year-old defender years. Real Madrid will therefore listen to offers this summer, and as the media point out, they already have plenty of them. A way for the Merengue to keep hold of their best elements, and then decide to repatriate him, like Fran Garcia or Brahim Diaz, or not, like Achraf Hakimi. The secret to success?

To sum up

Real Madrid intends to reduce its workforce this summer by separating from young great hopes, but with a very specific project, as for Fran Garcia. Indeed, the Merengues want to sell them while retaining 50% of their rights.

three nuggets sold this summer? 24hfootnews.

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