Three Former WWE Superstars To Appear At ‘WrestleMania 33’ Event?


WWE rumors concerning which former superstars will appear at WrestleMania 33 are continuing to swirl as anticipation for the Orlando pay-per-view grows. Many fans already know that Goldberg will be competing and Kurt Angle will be inducted into the Hall of Fame for the weekend event. Now there are new WWE WrestleMania rumors that speculate how three other former wrestling stars could show up that haven’t been mentioned too much recently. Could one of the WWE’s all-time great women’s wrestlers make an appearance along with a pair of tag team legends?

A recent report via WWE Leaks notes that five new names were added to the betting odds for potential WrestleMania appearances. The newest superstars added to the Paddy Power sportsbook include Lita at 5 to 6 odds, Edge at 5 to 4 odds, Trish Stratus at 11 to 8 odds, and Christian at 6 to 4 odds. It’s entirely possible that all three of these stars will appear for WrestleMania weekend, but not in the way some fans might necessarily want.

Edge and Christian former tag team champs
Could Christian soon join Edge as a WWE Hall of Fame member? [Image by WWE]

One way these stars would be around for Mania is due to the latest Hall of Fame ceremony taking place. There are already several inductees named for the 2017 class including former referee and SmackDown manager Teddy Long, Olympic gold medalist and former WWE champion Kurt Angle, and the legendary tag team Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. However, there are still a few more stars set to be announced.

With the betting odds mentioned above, rumor has it that Christian could soon join his good buddy Edge in the Hall of Fame. That could mean an appearance by Edge to induct him on stage. Not only that, “The Rated R Superstar” could also appear because it’s rumored his wife Beth Phoenix may be named as a Hall of Fame inductee as well.

However, the betting odds that were recently published for these superstars will only pay overseas bettors if Edge or Christian actually make an “in-ring appearance” during WrestleMania. That’s always a possibility with these two guys, who are a popular draw for fans in terms of their comedic in-ring antics but don’t expect any wrestling action.

Edge was forced to retire due to his medical situation, while Christian also has similar reasons for staying out of action. In March of 2014, “Captain Charisma” participated in a Fatal Fourway match on SmackDown, which he won, to become No. 1 contender for Big E’s WWE Intercontinental title. However, Christian also suffered a mild concussion and was unable to gain medical clearance from WWE to compete after that incident. Both Edge and Christian have made appearances on WWE Network and TV programming since then, but not in wrestling matches.

So what about Lita? Amy Dumas used to be a part of WWE’s pay-per-view pre-show panels but hasn’t been with these programs for several weeks now. However, previous WWE rumors discussed here at the Inquisitr indicated that WWE was contacting former women’s wrestling stars including Jazz, Trish Stratus, and Lita, to appear as part of a match at WrestleMania 33. Of the three former wrestling stars, Lita is said to be the most viable option and she also seems to have left on good terms with the company.

Former womens stars Lita and Trish Stratus
Many fans would love to see rivals Lita and Trish Stratus in just one more match. [Image by WWE]

The question of whether the Hall of Famer will get involved in another wrestling match is an interesting one. The company recently brought back former women’s star Mickie James to the SmackDown Live roster. There have been rumors that Kelly Kelly could make some sort of appearance at WrestleMania too. That certainly has fans hoping for Lita to make a comeback from retirement, or at least get involved in “one more match.”

If she’s not wrestling, it’s also possible that Lita would be on hand to help welcome Beth Phoenix to the Hall of Fame if she’s an inductee, or at the very least appear in the audience at the ceremony to watch Christian and/or Phoenix get inducted. With that said, most WWE fans would love to see all of these former wrestling stars get back in the ring for a match but it may only be possible for Lita at this point.

Wrestling fans, do you think Beth Phoenix and Christian will both be announced as WWE Hall of Fame Class members for 2017? Will Lita appear in another WWE match, or stay retired from wrestling?

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