Thomas Müller compares Lionel Messi and CR7


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Craftsman of the qualification of Bayern Munich, in the quarterfinals of the Champions League this Wednesday against PSG (2-0, 3-0 aggregate score), Thomas Müller was delighted with the performance of his team. Asked after the encounter, the 33-year-old pointed to the usual achievement that comes with him when he takes on Lionel Messi on the pitch. Unlike Cristiano Ronaldo, long executioner of the German club.

“Against Messi it always goes well at all levels in terms of results. At club level, Cristiano Ronaldo was our problem when he was at Real Madrid. But I have the greatest respect for Messi’s performance in the World Cup.” Before these two victories against the Argentinian, Müller already had several prestigious successes as feats of arms: the 2013 Champions League semi-final against Barcelona 4-0, 3-0), the World Cup final won in 2014 against Albiceleste (1-0), or the high point of these duels, the irrational 8-2 victory in the quarter-finals of the Champions League in 2020.

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