The Zidane clan counter-attacks and clashes with Le Graët


Holder of a Master’s degree in international law, I realized at the end of my university course that it was important to evolve in a field that we appreciate. Overnight, I decided to put an end to the dream of my parents, who saw me as a future lawyer, to live from my passion: sport. Since then, I have covered mercatos and sports news, trying to inform readers as well as possible.

The meeting took place on Monday. Several players from the French team, world champions in 1998, met in a Parisian restaurant. The occasion surely to evoke the release of Noël Le Graët on RMC. On January 8, the president of the French Football Federation opted for a contemptuous tone when discussing the Zinedine Zidane case.

February 8thNoel Le Graët was invited to speak on the extension of Didier Deschamps at the microphone of RMC. A banal interview like the president of the FFF has been doing it for years. But that day, the manager slipped. Asked about the possible departure of Zinédine Zidane at Brazil, Le Graët had adopted a contemptuous style, which had shocked.

“Zidane in Brazil? I have nothing to shake”

Zidane in Brazil? I don’t care, I have nothing to shake. If Zidane tried to reach me? Ah certainly not, I would not even have taken it on the phone » had declared Noel Le Graet. A few days later, the person in charge was laid off by the executive committee of the Federation.

Le Graet? “A man from the past”

There is no doubt that the subject came back to the table of the 1998 world champions, who met this Monday at Paris. Some close to Zinedine Zidane as Bixente Lizarazu, Christophe Dugarry, Vincent Candela or Alain Boghossian consider that Noel Le Graet is ” a man from the past » according to information from the Parisian. His departure from Federation would be welcome by them.

The Zidane clan counter-attacks and clashes with Le Graët 24hfootnews.

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