The Undertaker Talks About A Time Vince McMahon Talked Him Into A Bad Match


During his interview with Sports Illustrated’s podcast, The Undertaker recalled a time when Vince McMahon convinced him to do a spot during the Punjabi Prison match that he was against doing. Taker says that the match was between him and Big Show specifically because The Great Khali wasn’t able to do the spot how McMahon was imagining it, but even with the Big Show, it wasn’t going to look that great.

“We had — and I’m sorry I don’t remember all the details to it but it centered around the first Punjabi Prison match, and he was just steadfast in how — because [The Great] Khali wasn’t able to do it so Big Show ended up being in the match and he was just steadfast that he wanted this bump through the door and I kept telling him, I said, ‘This is gonna look like crap, it ain’t gonna work the way you see it. I’ve been on this thing, this structure all day. It’s just not gonna happen that way.’ ‘Oh, it’ll be great, it’ll be great.’ ‘I’m telling ya, it’s gonna suck’ and you know, there’s a spot in that match if you look back where I jumped from one — so there’s two parameters, right? So I jumped from one to the outside one which would have been the perfect time for me to get out and it would’ve been — the people would’ve lost their mind, and they did. As soon as I jumped, the people went crazy but I had to go back around and get to the finish the way — so, one of those I gave up on and it did, it stunk. It was so bad. But to his credit, he did come to me and say, ‘You were right, I was wrong. We should’ve done it your way.’ That was very far and few between. There were a few other things but that was probably one of the more contentious ones.”

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