The Undertaker Says He Would Love To Work At The Performance Center: “I Love To Teach”


The legendary Undertaker recently spoke with The Wrap to talk all things pro-wrestling and reflect on his career with WWE. During the interview the Deadman revealed that he has had talks with Triple H about working as a teacher at the WWE Performance Center, and how that would work since he still resides in Texas.

You know, that’s the pickle that I’m in right now, is trying to [figure] out what lane I want to take. I’ve been on the road for so long, that really doesn’t appeal to me, traveling and doing all that. I love to teach. Triple H and I have had many conversations about me working with the talent there at NXT, in Orlando at the PC. And I really enjoy that. And we’re just trying to figure out how it works because I’d have to come in and go out. I live in Texas. So I’m sure I will do more of that moving forward. I think there’s a lot of– I think I have a lot to offer. The product is changing and evolving, but I think there’s a lot of what I bring to the table that is still applicable to the product and these guys need to hear it and see it from somebody who has made it work. So we’ll see what happens there.

Later he would be asked about how he felt his Last Ride docuseries turned out. Hear what he had to say below.

Very proud, very proud of how it turned out. That part of it I was extremely happy with. But it took a while for me to let my guard down. Initially, to even give that access, I was fighting it… Funny story, I may have said it already at some point, but Dan Pucherelli, who is the main producer on this thing, they were following me backstage somewhere. And I turned around and I snapped at him and was like, ‘Why the hell are you guys filming me?’ And Dan is such a respectful guy, and he just kind of was like, ‘Um, you asked us to?’ ‘Oh, yeah, you’re right, you’re right. That’s my bad. Just give me a second.’ So, yeah, I had to work through a lot of it, especially talking about behind-the-scenes things. It just was so unnatural for me to do. Even today, as proud as I am of ‘The Last Ride’ doc, it’s like, man, should I have done that? I have this internal struggle with myself, like, should I have just kept protecting the gimmick? Everybody has been very happy and receptive to it, but there’s also those ones that are like, ‘Oh man, you just ruined my childhood.’ And I laugh at it, but it’s like, man I should have just rode off into the sunset and not give anything. Obviously, I know that’s probably not the right thing to do, but that’s my nature just due to the fact of how I protected [the character and the business] for so long.

Check out the full interview here.

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