The Undertaker Discusses His Upcoming Appearance For WWE’s Survivor Series


The Undertaker was on a recent podcast with Sports Illustrated to discuss his upcoming appearance for Survivor Series. Unfortunately, he’s about as clueless going into the event as we are. He jokes that the whole thing could be one big rib.

“You got about as much knowledge as I do. Only thing I can safely say is at some point, I will make an entrance and go to the ring and address the WWE universe and that’s about as much as I know right now [to] tell you the truth.

We got no details other than… November 22nd to the day is my 30-year anniversary. Obviously, it has been 30 days of The Undertaker, it’s been quite a bit, it’s been humbling but I honestly, I’m dealing with Vince McMahon here and there’s no one that Vince McMahon loves to play a practical joke on or rib more so than The Undertaker so, I’m going in with crazy expectations of what potentially could happen to me on Sunday.”

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