The red carpet is rolled out for the Messi family, PSG are shaking


While Lionel Messi is in the middle of negotiations with PSG to extend his contract, Inter Miami wants to turn everything upside down. The Messi family could be seduced. Explanations.

Lionel Messi sees his contract expire next June at the PSG. Certainly, an option is in the lease signed by the Argentine in August 2021 so that he can activate an additional year. However, Messi would no longer be so enthralled by the idea of ​​continuing PSG according to the journalist Gerard Romero while told you on February 18 that discussions were continuing for a contract extension.

Inter Miami confirms it, Messi is expected

However, theInter Miami says he is ready to welcome the world champion to the franchise of David Beckham. This is at least the testimony of Phil Nevillefranchise coach, at Times. “I’m not going to deny and say there is no truth to the speculation that we are interested in Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets. We want to bring the best players in the world to this football club. Messi and Busquets are the two who have stood out more in recent years. They are great players who would still be a massive advantage for this organization. For MLS, that would be a game-changer.”

The Messi family loves Florida

According to information disclosed by The Parisianthe bond between the family Messi and Miami is concrete. On the one hand because of the property he was able to acquire in Florida with his wife Antonella. The whole family Messi would like it and the fact of collaborating with his friend David Beckham at theInter-Miami would tickle Lionel Messi. As for the economic question, the Florida franchise would know the risk, knowing that the striker of the PSG can easily repay his salary with the income he will generate in the stadium and at the marketing level. The tone is set.

The red carpet is rolled out for the Messi family, PSG are shaking 24hfootnews.

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