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The Phinsider weights in on the Miami Dolphins Orange Jersey


New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
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This past week in my never-ending search for something to ask each evening I thought about the orange jersey that our Miami Dolphins once wore once or twice a season. I then asked, “Do you or did you like the Miami Dolphins’ orange jersey or hate it? If you loved it would you like to see the team bring it back at some point? If you hated it are you now hoping to see it disappear as just another bad choice from the past?

Below are some of your answers and thoughts on the Phins orange jersey-

CJT13 hopes to see the orange jersey again minus the pants.

I wish they would wear it at least twice a season! I love the Orange jerseys! Bring them back! But NO orange pants, please. When they wore the whole ensemble it was hard to watch.

Penguinscanfly liked the jersey, especially on Miami Dolphins greats Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas.

Hola, I liked it, but certainly in part because of Thomas and Taylor and the team which had some influence over my younger fan mind. Big fan they gave orange a primary shot; not a TD but maybe a first down for its time.

Miami’s Jester hopes to see the orange jersey return!

I love the orange. I would love to see it more often, but I would like to see it with the green pants. I have always loved the Orange and Green combo on our jerseys. The Orange with the white pants is what ruined it for me. I know I am getting kind of Madden with the changing the pants, but that and the throwbacks are all I play with on Madden and where I got the idea for it a while back. The Orange Jersey though is fire. I didn’t like the newer orange (lighter) as much though when they did their color rush.

daytonadolfan loves his old Ricky Williams orange jersey!

I loved the old orange jerseys (old logo too), still have my orange Ricky Williams! That pastel monstrosity they made them wear that one year was a creamsicle nightmare.

PantherVol likes the old orange jersey but prefers they go full-on old-school throwback!

I like them but not as much as our throwback jerseys.

Phinsox is not a big fan.

I don’t care for the orange jerseys. I like the aqua and orange colors with orange being secondary as an accent and not the dominant color. I would be okay with a one-time orange jersey if they had solid aqua numbers, no white outline. That would give the color rush the Thursday night games want. In general, I’m fine with picking one game and doing something out of the ordinary but other than that I prefer the traditional look.

Spok507 is another one on the jersey as long as you hold the matching orange pants.

Orange, being one of my favorite colors, I like the orange jerseys. Just not with the orange pants. They look like popsicles when they wear both. I do have an orange — can’t remember whose — in my collection. I haven’t gotten a new jersey in a while. Maybe I’ll treat myself this year. Just have to decide who… I’m afraid if I get a Wilkins jersey, he’ll be with another team next season. That would be just my luck. Maybe Holland. I like 8. Or Hill. He’s not going anywhere. Or Waddle… so many choices! But maybe I should wait and see what they do with Christian’s contract first….

SlayerNation1 would be ok with the orange if the throwbacks didn’t kick so much ass!

The Orange just doesn’t measure up to the throwbacks. If they were a team that didn’t have the best throwback alternates, then the Orange would have more interest.

Bill Moody likes the orange and would like them designated for specific games.

Love the Orange Jersey… I’d love to see them use it exclusively for Sunday Night games (or something like that). The throwback Miami all whites are the best jerseys though. I’ve got a couple of Holland jerseys (Aqua, White), X Jersey (Aqua), Tua jersey (White), and a Waddle Jersey (Orange). I love that Waddle Jersey, it looks amazing, and definitely gets me the most compliments from other fans. I just can’t wear it when we play teams like the Broncos, Bears, etc…

Blaze453 is in!

My favorite

sdphinsfan is really, really not a fan!

The old orange jersey with white pants isn’t the most revolting thing we’ve ever asked our players to wear. But as many have said, just bring back the “throwbacks” and make them permanent…as in forever…never to be changed again. Burn the current stuff, especially the “aqua”. No pastel version of any color ever again. This ain’t rocket science. Give the fans what they want, instead of listening to out-of-touch marketing people. Successful enterprises cater to their customers, not alienate them. I haven’t bought a jersey with the current theme and won’t. Why buy that trash when the original looks so much better and should have never been changed in the first place?

72Phins4ever is another one that’s in on the jersey and out on the pants.

I really like the orange as long as they don’t wear orange pants with them and not that crap pastel orange they had at 1 point.

Left Shark is a no I think…


USMCFinzFreak is another clear nope!

It needs to die a quick death, never to be resurrected.

dedstrk316 is you know, in on the jersey, out on the pants…

I love the orange jersey. Now the orange pants with the orange jersey is another story.

Louie the lobster has a Ronnie Brown one and he loves it so take that…

Unfortunately, the orange Ronnie Brown jersey is the only one that I own and yes I like it.

Yarganaught likes to honor a former place kicker with his orange jersey!

I love my orange #5 “Carpenter” jersey… I wear it all the time.

dolphinfan1323 seems to be able to accept them so long as they don’t rear their heads too often.

They are ok for 1 game a year

FFFL66IBA&O seems to have some unfinished childhood business but likes the orange jerseys okay.

First, bring back the “Throw Backs” 100%!!! I personally like the orange jersey/white pants better than the aqua jersey/aqua pants…Just not a big fan of the latter. Maybe it has something to do with the pair of solid aqua pajamas my Grandma bought me one year for Christmas? (I told her I really wanted a BB gun!) Lol…Life goes on… I think it’s great that you asked us fans what we like and prefer. But now I wish someone would approach our team’s “Players” being they have to put them on and represent our team every game we play. I’m pretty sure we can trust their opinion. I would hope we can finally get this thing right once and for ALL. Couldn’t find any aqua pajamas but maybe you can see where I’m coming from. Lol

EJPLAYA might be one of those “you choose I don’t care” kind of people.

Don’t love it. Don’t hate it. Nice change of pace. That’s about it.

stldolfan66 doesn’t like it on the Phins but still knows it’s all about the U!

Orange is by far my least favorite Dolphins jersey. It makes me think of the old orange crush days of the Broncos. I like it on the Hurricanes just fine.

Mcsarch seems to like a different jersey altogether.

I know it’s not really our color but I’ve seen some blueish-looking Dolphin fan gear shirts that look great.

It seems like the majority like the orange jerseys and would like to see a return every now and then as long as they leave the orange pants in the recycle bin. As always, thank you to everyone that takes the time to read the most and then the additional time to chime in with their answers and comments.

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