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The most ambitious crossover event of the summer


Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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Well, sort of

It’s kind of strange to see a logo representing your favorite Minnesota Vikings website out in the wild. It’s even more rare when it’s out there as a part of something that. . .well, I’m not exactly sure how to describe it.

Twitter user Dane Rauschenberg posted this thrift store find of his on Twitter.

Yes, that is. . .at least in theory. . .a Daily Norseman logo. You can tell from the state of Minnesota and the Viking ship that has become our trademark since the rebranding however many years ago it was. (Seriously, it’s been a while, I think.) If you’re confused, just look up in the upper left corner. It’s there. It even has the words “SB Nation” at the top, and it also has a camel on it, meaning that it’s obviously a Hump Day shirt.

However, as you can plainly see, it is most certainly not the correct colors, and down at the bottom you can see the words “Chicago Bears.”

Now, there is a Little Chicago in Minnesota, but that’s certainly not the home of the Vikings’ NFC North rivals. It would appear that there’s a less than reputable place out there that has decided that the Daily Norseman and Windy City Gridiron logos weren’t cool enough on their own and decided to combine the two of them into some unholy abomination to slap on t-shirts or jackets or what have you.

I’m not sure why anyone would want to do that, but I would like to find out of they’re available anywhere outside of this thrift store that Mr. Rauschenberg found them at.

Just something that I thought was worth passing along during a time when things have been a little on the slow side.

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