The jackpot for OM thanks to Guendouzi?


After a year and a half at OM, Matteo Guendouzi could pack his bags. Despite a current contract until 2025, the French international is arousing interest in this winter transfer window. Unai Emery would like to find him at Aston Villa. While things could speed up for the transfer of Guendouzi, the latter could bring big money to OM.

The future of Matteo Guendouzi is more uncertain than ever in this last week of the winter transfer window. If he is todayOM, this may no longer be the case tomorrow. In effect, AstonVilla would be very interested in the idea of ​​offering the services of Guendouzi. And now an offer from the Villans could quickly fall for the French international.

A big check…

Direction AstonVilla to Matteo Guendouzi ? The Birmingham club has in any case the financial means to carry out such an operation. Recently, there was talk of a possible offer of between 30 and 40 million euros. enough to convince theOM ?

… and a player?

AstonVilla may well have another argument to hope to give in to theOM. According to information from Provence, in addition to a big check, the Premier League club would consider including a player in the transaction. The question, however, will be to know who could make the way towards theOM and if this currency of exchange will be to the liking of Pablo Longoria

The jackpot for OM thanks to Guendouzi? 24hfootnews.

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