the government demands the head of Noël Le Graët


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The interview with Noël Le Graët is causing a slump throughout France. After violently attacking Zinedine Zidane, the current president of the French Football Federation has been criticized throughout Europe by social networks, the press, but also personalities of the Blues, like Kylian Mbappé. This Monday evening, it was Amélie Oudéa-Castera, Minister of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, who had strong words and asked for action.

We have seen that the remarks made by President Le Graët about Zidane have caused a stir on a par with what Zinédine Zidane is. It is also commensurate with a form of weariness, not to say exasperation, with regard to remarks that we no longer want to hear and attitudes that we no longer want to see., first recalled the Minister. Before taking charge of the current 81-year-old leader. In his apology statement, these words are worrying as they show that it is possible that things will go wrong again in the future. It is deeply failing on the function of representation. It is very problematic when he leads such a Federation“.

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“On the function of representation, bankruptcy is established”

Without asking for his resignation or recording his departure from the Federation, Amélie Oudéa-Castera put pressure on the Comex of the FFF for decisions to be made. “The Comex must seize it and express itself on it. The Comex will have material on the behavior of the president. Our great players deserve better than what they have at the head of their Federation (…) On the function of representation, the bankruptcy is established and the Comex must take the measure. On the next steps, the audit will help the Comex to take the necessary decision. A call for resignation? I don’t pose the equation in those terms. It is deeply failing on the function of representation. It is very problematic when he leads such a Federation.she explained.

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Strong words from the Sports Minister, who also added that her ministry may have the final say in this matter. Finally, Amélie Oudéa-Castera mentioned that the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, did not appreciate this outing either. “The texts also provide at certain times for the Ministry of Sports to take control. As a priority, the authorities of the Federation have tools to deal with these problems. The President of the Republic is really disappointed and really hurt when such remarks on a legend of French and world sport are made.. Things are starting to go seriously wrong for Noël Le Graët.

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the government demands the head of Noël Le Graët 24hfootnews.

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