the evening without Kylian Mbappé


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The whole world was watching him: the media, the fans and especially Bayern Munich. Injured and entered half an hour from the end of the first leg, Kylian Mbappé had almost reversed the trend on his own, or at least snatched the draw. Inevitably, the Bavarian giant was watching him like milk on fire tonight during the round of 16 second leg. In full possession of his means this time, the striker has however almost never managed to stand out this evening during this 2-0 defeat.

Fixed on the left side of the attack, the 2018 world champion tried to make his speed speak from the first minutes, but each time his checks were too long (2nd, 20th) to go further in the action. At least he mobilized the opposing defenders, who regularly came in pairs to try to stop him. Besides, whether Stanisic, Upamecano or the Goretzka-Kimmich duo, everyone at Bayern put their hearts into their work.

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Bayern turned him off completely

Julian Nagelsmann had warned in a pre-match press conference that a plan would be reserved for him. The German coach was not mistaken in his choices, nor in his intentions. “Yes, Kylian had a great opportunity, but Bayern defended very well. It was closed on our left side, and more open on the right. Bayern neutralized him well. It was difficult for Kylian, very often caught in pairs. conceded Christophe Galtier after the meeting.

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Like what a collective always prevails over the individual, however strong it may be. The Parisian star was completely extinguished tonight at the Allianz Arena. He only framed one of his 4 shots, in the 67th which Sommer took out perfectly, and again, there are two cross-shots on the others. He lost his 6 contested duels, missed his 3 dribbling attempts and managed only one cross out of 3… “I said we were going to do our best. We, our maximum, that’s it” he says at a press conference. So insufficient.

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