The curious underside of Dani Alves’ first hours in prison


On Friday, Dani Alves was arrested. And for good reason, the Brazilian is accused of raping a young woman of 23 years in a pub in Barcelona. If justice has not yet declared him guilty, the investigators considered that the inconsistencies in his testimony and certain overwhelming evidence justified his entry into prison, without possible bail. Especially since the testimony of the victim would be rather coherent, always in the eyes of justice and the authorities. The former Barça legend has spent his first night in prison, and the local press is saying a little more.

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Sport tells how the first hours of the Canarinha player spent behind bars. The Catalan newspaper explains that his arrival was particularly awaited in Brians I prison. The player arrived in silence, in shock and visibly dejected. Upon his arrival, he was thus entitled to the usual session of taking fingerprints and photos, before joining his dormitory.

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No preferential treatment

He did not spend the night alone, since the authorities always ensure that new arrivals are accompanied by other detainees for security reasons. The following day, Saturday, he was entitled to several visits, a medical interview and an appointment with a prison psychologist, a lawyer and an educator. The usual procedure for any new prisoner in short, even if given his status as a player and therefore his substantial income, he did not need a visit from the social worker.

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From now on, the management of the center must decide which module will welcome the Brazilian. But the daily reveals that it will not be a great luxury for the former PSG, who arrives in a prison which needs work. Among other things, there would be hot water problems, problems with televisions, dilapidated showers and a lot of tension between inmates and employees. Suffice to say that Dani Alves is not going to live in luxury for the next few months/years…

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The curious underside of Dani Alves’ first hours in prison 24hfootnews.

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