The crack of Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia


Following his sensational interview, Cristiano Ronaldo saw Manchester United break his contract. By joining Al-Nassr, the Portuguese hit a huge jackpot since he receives an annual salary of €200m. And with such a salary, CR7 can afford a few splurges. The latest figures make you dizzy.

Welcomed like a god Saudi Arabia, Cristiano Ronaldo is gradually adapting to his new life. Already not to complain before his arrival in Al Nassrthe fivefold Ballon d’Or now earns 200M€ per year. A salary that can offer him an unparalleled comfort of life. Lately, he fell for his accommodation.

Ronaldo’s aberrant spending

Cristiano Ronaldo has not yet found the right fit for his accommodation. So the Portuguese decided to accommodate his family and loved ones in the hotel Four Seasons of Riyadh revealed The Sun. CR7 did not go with dead hands since he currently rents 17 suites from this establishment. His is divided into two floors which include a living room, a private office, a dining room and a press room. All for a total of more than €250,000 per month. Mind-boggling.

Ronaldo likes it

If some thought that Cristiano Ronaldo was going to be homesick, it’s not. Piers Morganthe author of his fatal interview, assures that Ronaldo love saudi life. ” He is happy. I’ve exchanged a few texts with him, and he loves life in Saudi Arabia, on and off the pitch. Thanks to the fallout from our interview, Ronaldo signed the biggest contract in football history, and is now the highest-paid athlete in the world. It’s a new challenge for him, in a new country, and a new league, at a time when football in the Middle East is really taking off. “, advance Piers Morgan relayed by Tea Sun. The good life for Cristiano Ronaldo.

The crack of Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia 24hfootnews.

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