Tegan Nox Tweets Update on Her Injuries and When She Could Return to the Ring


WWE NXT Superstar Tegan Nox took to Twitter today and revealed that she is hoping to return to the ring this summer.

Nox has been out of action since suffering multiple injuries during the Mae Young Classic tapings back in August. She would later tweet about how her knee “exploded” and revealed that she suffered a dislocated knee cap (which reset itself instantly), a tear of the MCL & LCL, a full ACL tear and both meniscus, bone contusions and a second fracture of her left tibia. These injuries came after Nox suffered a torn ACL that caused her to miss the 2017 tournament.

You can read Nox’s full injury update below:

“Last Thursday I had to undergo a knee scope on my left knee to clean out some of the gunk that built up over the past few months after the initial ACL/Meniscus Repair.

Anyways, the main reason for the scope was that we hit a little bump where bending my knee was becoming a slight issue (all of which is pretty common with numerous meniscus tears) however, thanks to the incredible surgeon, the knee has been cleaned up and bending way more than before.

With that said, rehab has become more intense, bending my knee kinda hurts a lot(I swear, I can’t even explain some of the noises I make other than it’s like an exorcism) but day by day, it’s getting stronger, better and bending more and more.

Genuinely don’t know what I would do without the amazing medical staff at the PC! They push me to give me all 100% of the time but are always there to help/comfort me when I feel like I just want to quit or if I feel like I have no more to give! They’ve become a family away from family and it’s awesome!

I’ve said before, this is 80% a mental game and 20% physical, which is definitely showing after the scope but it’s getting better daily, and I’m just super thankful for my friends, family and the staff at the pc because I know I couldn’t do this without them!

I’m not entirely sure when I’ll be back but I’m hoping to make the summer a lot shinier for both you and I!

So in a nutshell, I’m getting there!

P.s I really love the dog videos where they put narrative on them so feel free to send them for distractions”

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