Team Fortress 2 player numbers bounce back after Summer 2023 Update


Team Fortress 2 recently received a significant update. It not only breathed new life into the game but also reintroduced a mode that fans previously enjoyed as a mod. The Versus Saxton Hale (VSH) maps have now been incorporated into the main game, pitting all players against one, who takes on the role of Saxton Hale.

The player numbers over the past few weeks have matched July ’22 and exceed the average player base count for the year.

Team Fortress 2 Player Count July 2023

Source: SteamCharts

Here’s all the features added in the Team Fortress 2 Summer 2023 update:

Team Fortress 2 Summer 2023 Patch Notes Highlights:

  • Community Maps: The update showcases 14 new community maps, including Sharkbay, Rotunda, Phoenix, Cashworks, and more.
  • Cosmetic Case: The Summer 2023 Cosmetic Case has been introduced, containing 25 community-contributed items.
  • Taunts: Six new community-contributed taunts have been added to the Mann Co. Store, such as the Killer Joke, Star-Spangled Strategy, and The Head Doctor.
  • Unusual Effects: The update brings 20 new community-created Unusual effects, with 12 for hats and 8 for taunts.
  • War Paint Case: The Summer 2023 War Paint Case has been added, featuring 10 new community-created War Paints from the Summer 2023 Collection. There’s also a chance to receive a taunt Unusualifier as a bonus item.
  • Summer Event: All cosmetic and taunt cases will now grant Summer 2023 Unusual effects during the Summer event, excluding crates. This event will continue until September 15th, 2023.
  • General Updates: Several improvements have been made, including security and stability enhancements, fixes related to Mann vs. Machine, ConTracker, and more. Additionally, several maps have received updates to address various issues.

One of the key features added are based on community contribution, something that devs will continue utilizing in the future. We may see some great features in the game if the developers keep relying on the community to drive the growth forward.

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