Taz Responds After Online Speculation Over WWE Using Daniel Bryan Idea from His Podcast


There has been online speculation on WWE creative writers “stealing” an idea for WWE Champion Daniel Bryan from former WWE Tag Team Champion Taz.

The ECW Original spoke about Bryan ending The Yes Movement during the November 21 edition of his podcast, The Taz Show. This would have been 1 day after Bryan’s segment on the November 20 SmackDown where he declared that the movement was dead.

On the podcast, Taz talked about how Bryan should have removed his custom “Yes!” side-plates off the WWE Title when ending the movement. Last night’s SmackDown episode saw Bryan remove the plates and throw them to the mat during a MizTV segment with The Miz.

Taz said, “You tell me the ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!” movement is dead and yet the fucking belt says ‘Yes! Yes! Yes’, right? So you might say, ‘Wait a minute Taz, hold up a second, not so far. Why would they take the side-plates off when they don’t know that he’s going to say The Yes Movement is dead, in character.’ And I would say to you, you are correct, but Daniel Bryan should’ve made mention of this belt, of the side-plates, and pointed it out. And I would’ve liked it if he would’ve taken a fucking Phillips head screwdriver out of his sweater that he’s wearing, that his college professor lent him, his Biology 109 professor gave him. OK, you take the little fucking Phillips head screwdriver out of your pocket, unscrew the plate and throw it on the fucking floor. The Yes Movement is dead. Show the plate, acknowledge it, it’s cool. It makes it even cooler when he does it. I don’t know if the fucking dude is a heel or babyface, I’m sure he’s a heel because he’s killing The Yes Movement, but you know how fans are, fans are going to like him even more. I would’ve had him, just hold the belt up without the plates. How cool would that shit have been? Right or wrong? What do I know? I don’t need to be fucking dealing with creative stuff and writing wrestling, I don’t know shit.”

As seen below, @LMFight put Taz’s audio with the segment from last night’s SmackDown and the former ECW Champion responded, indicating that this isn’t the first time WWE has taken an idea from his podcast. He also said the pay is “way too low” to take a WWE creative job. The audio does contain explicit language.

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