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Survey: Do you want the Lions to trade either of their first round picks?


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Come vote in our latest SB Nation Reacts survey and let your opinion be known.

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Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes has shown that his default drafting mode is set to aggressive and he is more than willing to trade up to go get a prospect he believes will help the organization take the next step toward a championship.

On Tuesday morning, our question of the day asked our readers if they believed Holmes would trade out of either of the Lions’ first-round picks?

At the time of this publishing, 86% of voters believed that the Lions would indeed trade out of at least one of their current draft spots, with 18% believing that choice will happen at pick No. 6, 44% thinking trading out of pick No. 18 was more likely, while another 24% believe the Lions will trade out of both spots.

The results of the poll are certainly unsurprising considering Holmes’ drafting history. But now that we have established that the majority of the fan base believes Holmes will trade out, the next question we are curious about is: Do Lions’ fans want the team to trade out?

Teams spend a considerable amount of time projecting where players will come off the board during the draft, but some fans have expressed concern about being too aggressive because if Holmes misses on his selection, the negative results are compounded. Other fans have concerns over trading up because of the cost involved, preferring to maintain as many picks as possible to continue to build the youth of the roster. Some fans don’t like trading down because there are only so many spots on the roster and would prefer one above-average player over two or three average players. And finally, some fans prefer to simply stay put and take the best player available, maximizing value without risking an unknown result from a trade.

So what do you want the Lions to do? Vote in our SB Nation Reacts poll and stay tuned for the results ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft.

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