Surgery for The Deadman


The Undertaker may be primed for another memorable showing in the Royal Rumble match, but he will do so in need of a major medical procedure.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported the legendary figure is in need of a total hip replacement, though he will attempt to hold off until after his in-ring career comes to an end.

It isn’t much of a surprise that Undertaker’s physical health is that dire.

He is an incredibly physical worker. Someone of his size, bumping like he does, is sure to suffer from pain and injury. His hip takes tremendous punishment from the apron leg drops he endures, so it’s not a surprise that he is in need of medical attention.

Holding off until his in-ring career comes to an end may be the best decision he has made in a while. Superstars who undergo full replacements are never the same after they return to the squared circle. The great Terry Funk is an example of someone whose physicality led to health issues, and after years of wear and tear, he underwent health procedures that forever altered the way he performed between the ropes.

Undertaker, a rare phenomenon in professional wrestling, competes at one or two events a year. Hurting the quality of those matches by undergoing surgery at this point in his career is nonsensical.


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