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The trade deadline is always an exciting and extremely busy time of year here at MLB Trade Rumors.  It’s all hands on deck, as trades can happen at any time and there’s tons of news coming in.  As we have for nearly 18 years, our team will strive for the MLBTR tenets of timeliness, accuracy, context, and analysis.

As a small business, MLBTR has weathered many storms over the years, most recently the pandemic and lockout.  This year, unfortunately, our ad rates are down 23% year-over-year.  With traffic holding steady, that means the site’s revenue is down by a similar amount.  So as the owner of the site, I’ve been spending most of my time working on the ad situation.

Ad-free subscriptions are how we try to bridge the gap.  If you browse MLBTR with the ads, you are supporting us, and we appreciate that greatly.  Middlemen, however, take a significant portion of ad revenue.  If you’re a daily reader and power user of this website like so many MLB GMs, agents, players, and reporters, you can support us directly by getting an ad-free subscription for $29.89 per year.  All ads disappear for logged-in supporters, making the site that much smoother as the trade deadline approaches.

We work hard on the additional benefits of subscribing, such as exclusive articles and chats.  Click here to learn more!  We think the subscription package is well worth your while, and if you disagree you can get a full refund.

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