Superwoman impersonates The Undertaker


YouTube star Superwoman aka Lilly Singh recently caught up with none other than the WWE’s Bella Twins and released a video where she spoofs The Undertaker’s ‘Deadman’ gimmick as part of a mock audition to become the ‘Next Bella’.

Singh is seen sporting the Deadman’s trademark vest, leather trouser, cloak and hat ensemble, in the mock video that features her doing her best Undertaker impression, with Nikki and Brie Bella watching on.

Nikki Bella is a two-time WWE Divas Champion and was the longest reigning champ in the title’s history. Her sister Brie Bella who recently retired from the squared-circle has also held the Divas belt.

Nikki and Brie launched their own YouTube show titled ‘The Bella Twins’ in November of last year. Lilly Singh aka IISuperwomanII is a Canadian vlogger, rapper, actress and comedian who is currently, the world’s third highest paid YouTube star, taking home a cool USD 7.5 Million in 2016.

With Brie Bella retired from the WWE and the recent rumours surrounding Nikki Bella’s injury issues and impending retirement after Wrestlemania 33, the Bella twins seem to be investing a lot of time and effort into establishing their Bella brand outside the WWE, as evidenced by their YouTube channel and various business ventures outside the squared-circle.

Keeping up with their brand-building ambitions, Nikki and Brie have roped in the services of Canadian internet sensation, part-time Hollywood actor and full-time celebrity-stalker Lilly Singh, to promote their YouTube channel ‘The Bella Twins’.

As if the cringe-worthy ‘Underbella’ segment weren’t enough, the Bellas and Ms Singh took their acting exhibition one step further, by posting another video featuring them in a skit. And don’t say I didn’t warn you, but this one isn’t exactly going to be Hamlet.

The Bellas are said to be extremely imposing backstage in WWE, with several other female Superstars going as far as referring to the WWE’s reality show ‘Total Divas’ as ‘Total Bellas’ owing to the significant amount of influence the twin sisters have on the show’s content.

That said, with Brie retired and Nikki rumoured to follow suit, the sisters are definitely looking to shed their pro-wrestling tag and trying to market themselves as entertainers outside the squared-circle.

While that’s good on them, hiring someone with the social-media notoriety of Lilly Singh for an Undertaker spoof was a smart move on the twins’ part in their bid to promote themselves and the ‘Bella’ brand.

Say what you want about Nikki and Brie’s less-than-stellar in-ring abilities and average mic skills, when it comes to the self-promotion business, the Bella twins are second to none. And no, the WWE isn’t going to be booking ‘Underbella’ at Mania and ‘You Can Believe That!’


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