Strowman might be next big thing on wwe


The WWE, in promotion for this week’s Monday Night RAW, tweeted about Braun Strowman, and whether or not he will face repercussions for last week’s RAW. As you may recall, last Monday’s main event ended anticlimactically, with Strowman interfering in the match to beat up Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. It was in response to Strowman’s desire for revenge against Sami Zayn.

Clearly, based on this tweet, and based on the fact the WWE let Strowman get the better or Rollins and Reigns, the WWE seems to have some big plans for the big man. Is this at all interesting, though?

Throughout the years, there has been a history of monster heels in pro wrestling. Strowman is just the latest. However, it is also quite difficult to make this sort of wrestler interesting.

Usually, the crux of the monster heel is “This guy is huge and strong. Isn’t that cool?” That’s not a lot to hook a character on. They tend to not have much personality, or much in the way of mic skills, and also they run the risk of having the fans turn on them because they feel like this new wrestler is being shoved down their throat.

On the other hand, part of the problem is a lot of these monster heels aren’t actually good wrestlers. Strowman is a decent enough athlete and he can get around in the ring. Still, it feels a little early to push Strowman to far up the pecking order. Then again, if you want a guy to be a monster heel, you can’t really have him languishing around the middle of the card. We’ll see how this plays out, particularly on tonight’s RAW, but there’s reason to be concerned about Strowman’s role in the show.

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