Stone Cold & Bayley On ‘The Greatness Of Eddie Guerrero’



On recent The Steve Austin Show ‘Stone Cold‘ and Bayley talked on The Greatness Eddie Guerrero.

Steve said: “Eddie he’s one of my he’s one of my favorites of all time. The guy it was absolute magic and the ring just the little things, he did and if anybody could like him and appreciate what he did but if you knew what was going on and you watched him and you saw the level that he could take it. Just a little things he did meant so much i just like something just as simple as if the guy he was working with was laying down right here by my work typical quarter and this is his face he’s laying face-up that thing he would just put his foot there just do that little spin around.”

Bayley On What did see you in the guy?:

“Well okay then, I had no way out. This was you know he just had something about him that obviously is a fan favorite of him for four years like he had a perfect storyline building up to that match but when he won you just felt like everybody won like you were a part of him and he made you feel like we all did this together and that’s the firsrt time that I’ve ever really felt that as a fan oe even still to this day like that’s something I’ll always remember like the reaction when you know the bell rang and he was announced as a new champion so just something so genuine about him that you could feel without even knowing him but as far as the wrestling and stuff and him being amazing and being able to do. It all literally one of the guys that can do it all I remember watching him know this was like a couple years ago so I was already here and I was watching his old matches like in WCW when he was just a heel coming out like his hair soaking wet. He looked miserable and you don’t get that anymore out of heels being like coming out like they’re completely miserable and that makes you like how dude if you don’t wanna be here.”


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