Steve Austin Names The Two Wrestlers He’d Want To Square Off With If He Were To Return


On the most recent episode of The Steve Austin Show, Austin discussed the wrestlers that he’d want to get into the ring with if he were to make a return.

Austin mentioned that he’d like to square off with Brock Lesnar because they are very good friends, but also because they have unfinished history as they were supposed to square off prior to Austin walking out of the company in 2002.

Austin also said he’d be interested in climbing into the ring with Elias. Austin mentioned that he’d want to give Elias the rub because he finds his character work to be very entertaining.

At no point did Austin give any indication that he was actually interested in a comeback – this appears to just be Austin talking about a hypothetical situation rather than anything that is likely to become a reality.

Credit: The Steve Austin Show.

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