Steve Austin Loves Sasha Banks’ Gimmick


WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin was recently joined by current WWE Superstar Sasha Banks on The Steve Austin Show.

According to Austin, Banks’ ‘Legit Boss’ gimmick is one of his favorite gimmicks today. Additionally, Austin shared that he prefers Banks’ work as a heel.

“I love the ‘Legit Boss’ gimmick,” Austin said. “It’s one of my favorite gimmicks going. She plays it to a T. She’s working babyface now. Quite frankly, I just love her as a heel because of that swagger that she has.”

Austin added, “I love Sasha Banks ‘The Legit Boss’ as a heel because that’s when I feel [she is] on full-on [her] persona, [her] character, [her] system.”

Banks acknowledged that she is still learning how to be a babyface.

“It’s very hard [being a babyface] and I’m still learning to be a babyface every day and the only… I don’t want to say the ‘only’, but the number one reason I love it is the kids. I love seeing little kids dressed up as you. Yeah.”

Banks explained that her character is an extension of herself, or at least an inebriated version of herself.

“I do say it’s myself ‘turnt’ up, all the way up. It’s me when I’m… if I’ve had a couple of drinks, a couple of vodkas. That’s what Sasha Banks is: letting loose, all the way up, doesn’t care what she says, doesn’t care what feelings she hurts.”

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