Stefanos Tsitsipas: ‘I think this is something that players neglect’


Perhaps Stefanos Tsitsipas had never had the level of confidence that he enjoys at this start of the season. The 24-year-old Greek tennis player and current number four in the world, has won three straight-set victories during the first week of the Australia Open, and although the result has been forceful, the level he has been showing is even better. “I’m ready to face anything, that’s tennis. It is not always predictable. The unpredictable is part of our job. We don’t know what to expect, when we’re supposed to end. There is another person on the other side of the net, we are not running a hundred meter dash and we know that in 10 seconds he will finish. A match can last 15 minutes or four and a half hours. That is what makes our sport so exciting, it is different, ”said the Hellenic player after his victory over Tallon Griekspoor. Precisely about the feelings he had in the match against the Dutchman, he indicated: “It has been the first difficult game coming from a player who has been doing well in the last couple of weeks, with a good run. He knew he had something big to deal with. In general, I am very satisfied with the quality shown on track today.” Now in the round of 16 he will have to face the Italian Jannik Sinner, a rival with whom he has a favorable record of 4-1. “I have good memories of last year. I’m sure he’s much better prepared this time. I hope I can offer a good level of play because last time he was close. I have big guns. I can generate even more power now than before,” he explained. What round do you see Stefanos Tsitsipas reaching at the 2023 Australian Open?

Tsitsipas will face fellow young gun Jannik Sinner 

In his on-court interview, Stefanos Tsitsipas told Jim Courier about his dedicated time for fans and sending some of them signed postcards. “Typically, I would head back to my room after a few hours recovery. I would spend 30 minutes of my time dedicating it to the fans, to the people who support me. I think this is something that players neglect. My fans are important to me, the people that follow me, the people who support me all my matches. To ones who don’t have the opportunity to come to my matches in remote places or places that don’t have much access to tennis, I make sure to send them postcards and sometimes letters. This is an important part of my life as well.”

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