Stardom May No Longer Work With Women Under NXT UK Contracts


According to the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, the all-women’s Japanese wrestling promotion STARDOM are likely done working with talent who are signed to NXT UK contracts. Reports say that due to the heavy restrictions from WWE, the risk of putting any of those women on a card is too great, since WWE could technically pull them off at the last minute. NXT talent is also not allowed to work with anyone under contract to ROH or World of Sport.

The Stardom promotion has been told by a few of the women under the U.K. contracts that they would be allowed to tour with the promotion still, although WWE would have to approve all of their dates ahead of time. They were also told that they can’t work against anyone under contract to either ROH or World of Sport (interesting that they didn’t include Impact) if they were to go there. Right now it looks like Stardom won’t be using any of them because of the restrictions involved and also because WWE could pull them from dates at any time and on a moment’s notice.

We’ll keep you updated.

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