Stanford University men’s team falls in Berkeley


Stanford’s men’s tennis defeated Berkeley 4-3, after a win over St. Mary’s in last week’s dual play debut. Now Men’s Tennis will have home court advantage this Sunday as they take on Santa Clara at the Taube Family Tennis Center. Matches will start at 12:00. P.T.

As reported by the University website, the team lost two of their three doubles games, missing the doubles point to give Cal a 1-0 lead. Juniors Arthur Fery and Neel Rajesh were beaten 6-4, while freshman Samir Banerjee and junior Aryan Chaudhary lost 6-2.

haudhary, first to finish his singles bout, beat Cal’s Siddhant Banthia 6-2, 6-3 in fourth place. However, the Bears struck back with three singles hits to earn the upset.

Both sophomores Max Basing and Banerjee, playing in seats two and three respectively, won their singles matches. Basing won in the ranks against No. 52 Ryder Jackson, 7-6, 7-5, while Banerjee, the last to finish his match, beat Cal’s Carl Emil Overbeck in three sets, 3-6, 7-6 , 6-3 . But it wasn’t enough to defeat Cal, who moved into first, fifth and sixth places to claim the upset.

The start of dual play marks the return of Fery, who has taken a quarter break to play on the pro circuit. With Fery back and two top 10 players in the lineup, Stanford looks to be a formidable team. While Basavareddy is currently out with an injury, he hopes to return for the ITA National Indoor Playoffs, which kick off on January 29.

About Stanford University

Stanford University is a private university in the United States in California, in Santa Clara county, about forty kilometers south of San Francisco and adjacent to the city of Palo Alto, effectively extending into the heart of Silicon Valley.

Stanford University opened its doors in 1891, after six years of planning, by the will of benefactors Jane and Leland Stanford who had decided to found a university to educate California boys in memory of their son, who died of typhus in Florence. The university is also home to the SLAC particle accelerator.
Stanford hosts Stanford Stadium on its campus and has sports teams, called Varsity.

There are men’s varsity teams in sixteen disciplines: track and field, baseball, soccer, rowing, cross country, American football, gymnastics, golf, wrestling, swimming and diving, basketball, water polo, volleyball, fencing, tennis, and sailing. There are nineteen women’s teams: Track and Field, Rowing, Lightweight Rowing, Soccer, Cross Country, Gymnastics, Golf, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Swimming & Diving, Synchronized Swimming, Basketball, Water Polo, Volleyball, Fencing, Softball, Squash, Tennis and sail. In addition to the Varsity teams, there are teams called Clubs: some examples are ultimate frisbee, rugby and cycling; finally, at an informal and non-competitive level, there are the Intramural teams, which compete only with other Stanford Intramural teams.

In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, athletes from Stanford won 25 medals, while at the 1924 Paris Olympics, Stanford won 21 medals.

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