Spoilers: WWE NXT Tapings For Tonight


* Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford defeated Dylan Miley and HoHo Lun. Dawkins and Ford were introduced as The Street Prophets. Dylan dominates until tagging HoHo, who then takes the pin. Miley then kills HoHo after the match

* Drew McIntyre defeated Sean Maluta in another stiff Drew match. Drew got busted open under his eye at some point. He hit the running kick for the win. After the match, Kayla Braxton interviews Drew on the ramp and says he’s caught the attention of Wesley Blake, mentioning last week’s backstage challenge. Drew says it doesn’t matter, but next week, Blake can have his undivided attention in a match

* Kassius Ohno defeated Andrade “Cien” Almas. Thea Trinidad was sitting in the corner at ringside watching Andrade closely and making sultry faces at him. Good, hard hitting match. Ohno has new Orlando Magic gear. Ohno hits the rolling boot for a near fall. Ohno misses a moonsault from the top rope. Andrade hits the double knees, but Ohno reverses the La Sombra attempt. Ohno kicks out of a pin at one and fires up, hitting Death by Elbow for the win. Thea looked on disgusted at Andrade after the match

* NXT Champion Bobby Roode is out. He says everywhere he goes he’s hearing about Hideo Itami. He admits Hideo knocked him out while he was standing here minding his own business in a $5000 suit unprovoked. He says it will never happen again. At Chicago, he’ll be in his gear ready to take care of business and make an example out of Hideo. Roode says he was here, then gone, then back, then got hurt, and he didn’t even realize Hideo was still employed. Meanwhile he’s taken NXT to new heights. The crowd is just booing this promo and heckling Roode. Roode says he beat Shinsuke Nakamura twice and he tucked the violin between his legs and left NXT. He says at least Shinsuke accomplished something here, but Hideo failed in NXT. Hideo comes out, but Regal stops him with security. Hideo clears security and jumps Roode, but security stops him again. Hideo hits a GTS on all the security, then Roode jumps him, but Hideo hits a GTS on him as well and leaves Roode laying

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