Speculation On Why Chris Jericho May Not Be Returning To The WWE On A Regular Schedule


Dave Meltzer is reporting that Chris Jericho is unlikely to resume a regular WWE schedule anytime soon as a result of his desire to make his Cruise an annual occurrence. Here’s what Meltzer had to say on the matter:

He could easily go back to WWE and I would think that he would. But the one thing that makes this scenario different is the cruises. He wants to do the cruises as an annual thing. WWE pretty much they turned him down the first time, but that doesn’t mean they’ll always turn him down. But they turned him down the first time.

There is a question of if they would want to be involved so strongly but maybe they would. But if they don’t want to be involved then it is to his benefit to, if the cruise thing is going to be one of his annual projects, then it is to his benefit not to be with WWE but to be in wrestling and have an affiliation.

He didn’t work for Ring Of Honor, but he made a deal with Ring Of Honor for the last cruise. All of the talent came with the exception of Kenny Omega, all the talent either came from Ring Of Honor or Impact because he’s friends with Don Callis. So it would make sense for him to have a strong involvement with a company who has talent that he could use that would be marketable on his cruise. That would all make sense in that regard.

Take this as a rumor for now, but it appears that unless the WWE is willing to work with Jericho on future Cruise’s, it’s unlikely that we will see Y2J make a full time return to the company.

Credit: The Wrestling Observer

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