Speculation On Smackdown Moving To Three Hours


Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer went into greater detail today about WWE SmackDown Live moving to Fox in October. It is being speculated right now that SmackDown could make the jump to 3 hours, with 2 hours being nationally broadcasted on FOX and the third hour being televised on another network that would most likely be Fox Sports 1.

Here’s the quote from Meltzer:

It is speculation but there is definitely a chance of that because the feeling is that since they have to film anyway and 205 Live is kind of just a waste of air. It’s just not working that maybe what they’ll do is two hours 8-10 on Friday nights and do hour 3 on FS1 with the idea that they can get another $50 million a year off of Fox by giving that extra hour.

Although Meltzer went onto specify that this is by no means an official deal or even one that is close to being confirmed, it appears as though there is a real possibility of this happening.

Credit: The Wrestling Observer

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