Speculation On Ivar’s Injury, Possibly A Significant Injury


On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer clarifies that Ivar’s injury is possibly more serious than originally thought. He refers to it as a “significant injury,” and is not just a simple stinger that you can come back from after a few weeks, as reported earlier this week.

Ivar was injured on Monday Night Raw after doing a Suicide Dive to the outside onto the Hurt Business. After making contact, Ivar threw up his own “X” which signifies that he’s injured to the medics. The match, which featured the Hurt Business (MPV, Shelton Benjamin, Bobby Lashley, and Cedric Alexander) vs. The Viking Raiders, Ricochet, and Apollo Crews, went to a quick finish after the injury. The ending was so rushed that a miscommunication happened and Ricochet accidentally kicked out of Alexander’s finisher. The referee called for the bell anyway and the Hurt Business were announced as the official winners.

Ivar thanked everyone for their support the next morning and added that he’ll be working hard to recover, but not did not have an answer for what his injury was, yet.


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