Speculation On How The WWE Views Survivor Series Backstage


During the most recent episode of “Wrestling Observer Radio”, Dave Meltzer discussed the WWE’s decision to turn Daniel Bryan heel and pair him against Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series.

While he viewed this as a dream match, Meltzer voiced his initial concerns with having the match occur now, as he believed that it could only work if Daniel Bryan had remained a face.

Meltzer went on to state that he reached out to his sources to ask for the rationale behind going forward with Bryan v Lesnar as a heel v heel. The response he received was that the WWE viewed Survivor Series as being an event outside the scope of their regular story lines. In other words, what happens at Survivor Series will not affect story lines going forward, and will be treated as a standalone event. Meltzer reiterated that the WWE will move past Survivor Series and move onto their planned story lines next week on Raw and Smackdown.

Credit: Wrestling Observer.

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