Speculation On Enzo Amore Throwing Shade At Liv Morgan On His Rap Album


Enzo Amore recently released his first album entitled “Rosemary’s Baby Pt. 1: Happy Birthday!”. The album appears to be throwing shade at Enzo’s former girlfriend, Liv Morgan.

There was speculation that the two were dating in 2017. During that time, Corey Graves would take a dig at Enzo by stating that “Enzo Cheats On His Taxes, His Girlfriend & His Tag Team”. Liv Morgan would later take to Twitter and with the following:

On the rap album, there’s a son entitled “Liv A 30 For 30”. If that wasn’t enough to connect the song to Liv Morgan, here’s a less than flattering excerpt that would appear to leave no doubt:

I could’ve seen a lil future with you. I’m more mature than you I gotta do what’s best for you I’m sorry. … I been gettin’ tagged in your thirsty picture posting you been doing on the gram. … I know how the game works. I done put you on the game first. It’s only a matter of time before you’re smashing what’s his name at work.

Liv posted a couple of Tweets today that may or may not have been in response to Enzo’s rap on her:

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