A Special Guest Referee could be added to the RAW Woman’s Championship triple threat match


Wrestlemania will be this year and these four women began their WWE careers in Orlando. If this does happen, then you should expect their to be some sort of curtain call after the match between the four women.

These four women are credited with helping make woman’s wrestling something worth to watch. These four women have also go on to have matches that have out done their male counterparts. The only part that makes this interesting is that then I can’t see Becky Lynch being involved in some sort of match for the Woman’s title on Smackdown, unless she is working double duty that night.

Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks were called up in 2015 to add some fuel to the woman’s division. Becky Lynch would end up not joining them on the main roster until the night after Summerslam 2016. Overall, these four women have made strides in woman’s wrestling and have done stuff that hasn’t been seen for a long time in the woman’s division.

Wrestlemania 33 is on April 2,2017 and the Inscriber Digital Magazine will have the latest information for you as we get closer to the grand stage. But don’t worry because we will keep our readers up to date for every wrestling promotion.

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