Sound Off Reactions On If AJ Styles Or Kevin Owens Will Win At WWE Backlash


Yesterday we asked, who you thought would win between AJ Styles and U.S. Champion Kevin Owens at Backlash. Let’s take a look at what you guys thought.

1) …And Still! – About a 2-to-1 vote for Kevin Owens in the comments. The reasons varied wildly though since WWE could take this one in a lot of directions. I saw people saying this will be an extended feud, where the title will change hands or that it’s simply a filler feud to get AJ back to the main event scene. Many expect Owens to win via dirty tactics thus allowing him to keep the title and protect Styles in the process. Also, there a mention or two that Baron Corbin could interfere in the match. Between the talent these two possess and the unpredictability of where WWE wants to go, nearly all of you agreed this will be one heck of a feud.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

Steph Franchomme:
“AJ will win the belt whether on PPV or at SmackDown Live. A good series of matches to come between these two. Owens will win the first round at Backlash. We’ll see at Money in the bank in June…But AJ will have the belt somewhere along the line.”

“The fans. The fans will win just witnessing their match.”


Mark Schoeman:
“AJ beating KO now does nothing for AJ…or KO, WWE, or the fiction. A dirty KO win, whether cheating, being vicious, getting a new sidekick is much better storytelling. It will only generate empathy from the fans who spent all of last year hating AJ and it’s those fans that AJ needs to win over. They watch the story, so all the wins/titles won’t help as much as humanizing him in the fiction.”

“Filler feud for AJ. Owens will win by using heel tactics. AJ will then win the MITB ladder match and challenge Orton for the title at SummerSlam.”

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