Some Furloughed WWE Employees Never Expected To Come Back


When WWE first made their rounds of releases, it was being described as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several big companies were letting go of employees to save money. It became more and more clear to the furloughed employees of WWE, however, that this wasn’t a temporary thing. When WWE released several talents and furloughed backstage staff, the company was doing fine financially. Throughout the pandemic, they continued to be a success. The company wasn’t suffering as they let on.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that many of the furloughed employees saw the writing on the wall. Several names had already began finding other jobs because they didn’t expect to return. It had become apparent to them that WWE didn’t have any plans on bringing them back and that they used the pandemic as an excuse to let them go.

As we previously reported, many of the employees that were involved with producing live events were let go. This coincided with our report that WWE had planned on doing fewer live events in the future. Unfortunately, several long-time WWE employees were let go recently, including Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco.

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