SNL’s Colin Jost On How The Wrestlemania Appearance Came About


Colin Jost was the guest on Kevin Nealon’s “Hiking With Kevin” this week. During the show, Jost revealed how the Wrestlemania appearance came about:

It happened because Che is a really diehard WWE fan, and I was growing up, it was a huge thing for my brother and I. Che had gone to a couple events before and they were like, ‘You guys should come and do something,’ which they never do. It was a huge honor, it was really cool. It’s weirdly like SNL, but slightly more physical. It’s all live, so they all are super professional, they’re on the road—it’s the biggest traveling show in the world, they’re on the road like 300 days a year.

You can listen below:

Credit: Hiking With Kevin. H/T WrestlingInc.

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