Sienna Accuses Charlotte Of Stealing Her Gimmick


GFW Knockout Sienna is claiming “The Queen” Charlotte Flair is jacking her look and signature gesture and she doesn’t sound happy about it.

It’s pretty hard to argue these two don’t look similar when you see the side-by-side comparisons. But it’s also likely this was all done by accident. But when Charlotte and Becky Lynch started doing the “pinkies up” gesture that might have been the straw to break the peacock’s back.

Charlotte has only recently started sporting the peacock feathers since WrestleMania 33. Sienna The Savage obviously took exception to this gimmick infringement. Charlotte’s makeup is also pretty close to that of Sienna’s with the wings she has coming up from her eyes. So who knows? Sienna might actually be on to something here.

Sienna’s Wikipedia page currently says “she invented feathers, makeup, and pinkies.” That will probably be changed pretty soon though.

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