Should PSG do everything to extend Messi?


Lionel Messi is under contract until next June at PSG. But could it be that the seven-time Ballon d’Or, just crowned with a world champion crown, finally making the decision to leave the Parc des Princes on the strength of this success? This is at least one of the rumors circulating in the press. But then, should PSG roll out the red carpet for Lionel Messi for an extension? This is our poll of the day!

A Copa America in 2021 and a World Cup in 2022. Here are the two trophies that were missing Lionel Messi so that the seven-time Ballon d’Or can boast of having won every major trophy in European and world football. The Argentinian international could go down in history a little more if he were to offer the first Champions League in the history of the PSG as he finds himself in the final months of his contract at Paris HolyGerman, which will end next June. revealed to you on October 20 that the PSG was preparing a contract extension offer to submit to the clan Messi once the curtain was about to fall on the World Cup in Qatar. But no formalization yet.

The Messi clan torn for the future of the world champion at PSG?

Could it be that Lionel Messi backtrack and end up looking elsewhere? For TUDN, Gerard Romero recently sent the following message. “Messi didn’t extend because at the moment he doesn’t want to. His entourage, his father continue to say that he is going to extend because I think that is what his father wants, that he extends in Paris. But the player, after the World Cup, said he didn’t have a good feeling to continue for another year”.

“I don’t think he will stay”

What to allow Jerome Rothen to make a projection on the possible extension of the contract of Lionel Messi at PSG. According to the former left midfielder Paris Saint Germain, Messi could well and truly not extend his contract with the capital club and this is reflected in his recent lack of investment in PSG. “If I extend Messi’s contract? No. I don’t think he will stay. (…) I have doubts about Messi and his investment. That’s the reality. (…) When Leo Messi does not score, or does not make a decisive pass, it is a disaster for the collective”.

So, should PSG do their utmost to keep Lionel Messi?

Should PSG do everything to extend Messi? 24hfootnews.

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