Should Ceb stand-in for OG beyond DreamLeague S20?


Sébastien “Ceb” Debs once again steps onto the competitive playing field to stand-in for team OG at the DreamLeague S20. This came after rumors of Ceb grinding pub matches last week, and finally, the announcement that the active players are undergoing role swaps internally.

Evgenii “Chu” Makarov (formerly the pos-5 player) moving to the assistant coach role, while Tommy “Taiga” Le takes over. This leaves the pos-4 position vacant, letting Ceb return to OG for one last hurrah.

Ceb OG

Image source: Team OG

Ceb, the Miracle Worker

Ceb’s presence at the DreamLeague S20 is certainly a highly-anticipated news for good reasons. Ceb helped OG win the ESL One Stockholm Major 2022 as a stand-in, which makes fans feel he’s still phenomenally good in the game and provided great team morale.

Despite the high hopes fans have for OG, many are also skeptical about OG’s deteriorating state. For the uninitiated, OG is recently the talk of the town for not qualifying for the Bali Major 2023. This ultimately eliminates them from any chance of qualifying into the International 12 (TI12) via DPC points. However, there’s always hope in the TI12 Regional Qualifiers for Western European teams.

Even then, OG is far from anyone’s expectations of a stable team.

Post-DPC roster shuffle

A roster shuffle immediately after a Division 1 regional league is a telltale sign that OG’s current roster just isn’t working. It seems like the movement revolved around Taiga, who has been absent in the early weeks of Division 1 bracket of Dota Pro Circuit 2023 (DPC 2023) Tour 3.

Taiga did come out to address his issues and coping with mental health, so although many fans believed it impacted OG’s performance. It turns out OG wasn’t too shabby regardless of the issues. OG won fifth place at the Division 1 DPC 2023 Tour 3, beating Entity, D1 Hustlers and Team Secret.

It may not be qualifying for Bali Major, but it certainly could have been much worse to lose their Division 1 slot for the upcoming DPC season.

Ceb and OG at DreamLeague S20 and road to TI12

As for their plans to qualify for TI12, well, the new roster with Ceb is temporary for DreamLeague S20.

We don’t know who the new pos-4 player would eventually be or whether OG would even revert back to its original roster, per se. What we can look forward though, is that this is a breath of fresh air for OG fans. Not only is Ceb supporting the team, but we will be able to see Taiga’s potential in one of the most impactful positions in a Dota 2 team, the hard support.

In fact, they give beastcoast and BetBoom a run for their money and dominated Entity. Beastcoast sits at 1000 DPC points, tenth on the DPC Rankings, while BetBoom sits at 760 with a spot at the Bali Major guaranteed.

They did lose to Team Aster in a hard-fought series. Team Aster with SumailSumaiL” Hassan as their power-forward is no run-in-a-mill opponent. If anything, they are in the running to win the DreamLeague S20 altogether.

It all shows good form for OG from the get go. Maybe, Ceb should remain for the summer and really give OG yet another miracle run.

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