Shelton Benjamin talks about finding a loaded gun in his rental car


Why did WWE superstar Shelton Benjamin fear his life was in danger when he found a LOADED GUN in the glove compartment of his Budget rental car?

“Me being a big black guy in a car with a gun in it? There’s no way that scenario ends well for me if the cops come.”

Yeah, that REALLY happened to Shelton last week in Kansas City — where he discovered a loaded Ruger pistol with a spare clip that somebody else had left in the glove box.

Shelton says his mind raced when he first saw the gun — wondering if it was used in a crime and if cops would wrongly think it belonged to him.

But Shelton handled things the right way — saying he called police immediately and explained the situation … and cops were cool when they came to collect the weapon.

In fact, cops told Shelton they see similar situations with guns left in rental cars “all the time.”


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