Sheamus on Finn Balor and Becky Lynch, This WWE World Title Win vs. Others, Changing His Look, More


– As noted, new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus conducted a media conference call on Monday before RAW. Below are more highlights:

* He talks about Finn Balor asking him if he should come to WWE when he was with New Japan Pro Wrestling and Sheamus told him, “absolutely.” Sheamus says Finn has already conquered NXT and it’s just a matter of time before he does the same on the main roster. He says their match in Dublin really fired him up again and was one of the best he’s had in a while. He says the Irish are taking over and Becky Lynch is next. He believes she will take her opportunity when it comes.

* He’s looking forward to the upcoming tour of India as that’s one country he hasn’t visited with WWE. He’s heard good things from The Great Khali and Jinder Mahal. He tells the Indian fans that WWE is going to put on the best show they’ve ever seen.

* He was asked about updating his look, something he discussed with King Barrett and William Regal on “Table For 3” and said he’s a very handsome man right now, the best looking in WWE, and he wouldn’t want to change that. He just did change his look because he wanted to do something drastic and felt his old look was a bit stale. He feels comfortable in his own skin right now and won’t change things just for the sake of making a change. If he feels like he needs to make a change to his look, he will. He’s happy with his attitude, his persona and his look, and will hang on to this until the “next turn.”

* In regards to this win being the biggest achievement of his career, he always looks to the present and the future, not the past, because that’s all that matters. When he retires he can look back at what he did but this is the most important achievement of his career and the highlight. He’s never been more proud and plans on holding the title for a long time. He says this is his moment and his time. He was asked about Alberto Del Rio being his next challenger and gave props to Del Rio for his work as United States Champion with Zeb Colter. Sheamus put Del Rio over as a tremendous talent and said they have no issues but he’s ready to take on anybody.

* Sheamus was asked how this title win stacks up against the other three. He says they’re all special in their own way but they’re in the past. This is the most important title win to him and the most important time in his career. He says nothing means more to him than being WWE World Champion.

* With new stars coming in and part-timers like Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker, and WWE just having one major title now, he was asked if he ever thought it would be a while before he got back to a world title spot. Sheamus said patience is the biggest key. He’s had a few instances where he came in strong, won gold, and then went down again. He put over the United States Title feud he had with Daniel Bryan in a big way. He said it’s important to just keep faith in your potential and your ability. He says patience is very important but he’s a very impatient person. He said you just have to know that an opportunity will come back around, especially when you know what you’re capable of. He said riding in the car on Sunday night with the title in the front seat reminded him why he does this, why he loves what he does, why he will keep coming back and why no matter what happens, he will go out and give his all. He called the fans the most important thing and said as WWE World Champion, he will do everything possible to entertain and have fun at the same time.

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