Shayna Baszler On Which Team She Thinks Her & Nia Jax Compare To


During her appearance on After The Bell, Shayna Baszler spoke on the comparisons she sees between her team with Nia Jax and Team Hell No. Here’s what she had to say:

So obviously, not just for the — I think there’s some social dynamic that compares us to Kane and Daniel Bryan. But I think more the style, the in-ring style. You know, I don’t spend enough time looking at backstage and character type stuff. But like in-ring stuff is stuff that I’ll sit for hours and I never get tired of. So just watching a dynamic like that where it’s a big guy, and like Daniel Bryan and I have a lot of similarities in the ring. And we have a lot of the common [background]. He trained a little bit with Billy [Robinson], as well. So I know he’s done a little bit of training. Our paths never crossed there, but I know from seeing some of the stuff he does and talking with him. So I think looking at teams like that where the dynamic is similar to what we have has been really beneficial to me.

It’s difficult because our dynamic isn’t going to be a tag team like — you know, like you think about these legendary pairings that were always only a tag team. We’re like, we’re not doing this tandem kind of offense, and doing these cool double-team moves. That’s not what we are. So there’s a lot of stuff I watch that is like, ‘Okay, I can put that over here for later.’ But like I said, it’s been an interesting learning experience.

You can listen HERE.

Credit: After The Bell. H/T 411Mania.

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